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A Shadowrun 3rd edition “pickup” game

What’s a pickup game? – when a player can’t attend an established game (Falgrimar or Carrion Crown), the remaining players can elect to play that night, instead moving to this pickup game.

Who runs this game? – there will be a rotation. Typically, the goal for the GM of that session will be to run a “one-shot” game that can be completed in 4 hours of game play (6pm to 10pm). As an alternative, they can opt to run a longer game lasting no longer than 2-3 game sessions (4-12 total hours of game time) before the next person in the rotation takes over. This also means everyone should make a character.

When will we run this game? – on any established game night, if any players can’t attend, whomever is on point for the pickup game will be be prepared to take over and run their game.

Creating a Shadowrunner

No deckers! The game will begin with an NPC decker tied to the team.

Use the priority system for runner creation (Core Rulebook page 54).

Flaws and edges are allowable (Companion page 15). Up to 6 points may be spent on flaws. No more points may be spent on edges than were earned by taking flaws. Unused points earned by taking flaws are lost. The weak are killed and eaten by devil rats and ghouls, chummer.

Any books in the Shadowrun DropBox are fair game for rules, equipment, and inventory. Slot ’em if you got ’em, or join the SINners!

Every runner starts with two free Level 1 contacts, as normal. You can (and should) buy more and better contacts with your starting resources. Your starting resources will also determine the amount and power levels of enemies arrayed against your runner (Companion page 68). Tough drek, slothead! Cry me a river.

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