Pick and rate your character’s skills. Skills represent the things your PC is good at or has some training in.

Your skills form a pyramid, with a single skill rated at Great (+ 4) — which we’ll usually refer to as the peak skill, and more skills at each lower rating on the ladder going down to Average (+1):

  • Two Great (+4) skill
  • Three Good (+3) skills
  • Four Fair (+2) skills
  • Five Average (+1) skills

Mediocre (+0) is the default for any skill you do not take.

Sometimes, a skill will state that it’s unavailable if a character didn’t take it; in those cases, it’s not even at Mediocre.

The Fate Core default skills list has been update to reflect the Shadowrun game universe.

Skill Overcome Advantage Attack Defend
Athletics X X - X
Biotics X X X X
Burglary X X - -
Contacts X X - X
Deceive X X - X
Decking X X X X
Empathy X X - X
Engineering X X X X
Guns X X X -
Investigate X X - -
Knowledge X X - -
Magic X X X X
Melee X X X X
Notice X X - X
Physique X X - X
Pilot X X - X
Provoke X X X -
Rapport X X - X
Resources X X - -
Rigging X X - X
Stealth X X - X
Will X X - X

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